Love: The Power of the Universe

From My JournalI love you so much. If you could feel the smallest part of my love you would be filled with unspeakable joy.  Let yourself feel it, my dear one.  Let yourself bask in the warmth and feel the cool breeze of my love for you.  Let yourself know, in your heart and deep in your bowels, how much you are loved.  My love is the power of the Universe – indeed all universes which have been or will be created.  It surrounds you like fluid surrounds an infant in the womb.  It nurtures you.  You breathe it in and out.  You are cushioned by it; protected by it; you hear the sound of it in your ears.  It helps you maintain the body temperature you need to survive and thrive.  Let yourself feel it.  Release your disappointments into my love like a drop of food coloring into the ocean.  I will absorb it and all you will feel is my love.  All will be well.  Go in peace.  Amen.

3 thoughts on “Love: The Power of the Universe

  1. Mira, your writings are beautiful and so descriptive. I enjoy your metaphors. “Carry On”

  2. As I read this message I felt uplifted and reminded of how much Heavenly Father really does love me, and each of us. He really can help you with your problems and lighten your load. He just did it for me! I know that things will get better and He is taking care of everything. 

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