Addiction Recovery Program

ARP Program

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offers a wonderful 12-Step program based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  It is called the Addiction Recovery Program (ARP).  Anyone who is looking for a spiritual path to recovery is welcome, whether they are members of the Church or not.

Meetings are held in many areas of the world, and can be established in any area upon the request of local priesthood leaders.  There are also phone meetings available. Meetings are run by adult missionaries, and the sharing portion of the meeting is moderated by a facilitator who has personal 12-Step recovery experience.


The Church has published a fabulous website for the program that contains a wealth of resources and information for addicts, family members, and Church leaders:

Here are some of the things you can find there:


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  1. I only wish a program were closer to me. Is there any way to sign up and “tune in” online? Just thinkin’. I’ve heard SO many wonderful things about this program and seen so many posts that inspire and delight those who are so bothered by this ‘problem.’ I do thank you for ALL you do!

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