Becoming Entirely Ready

Step 6 – Change of Heart: “Become entirely ready to have God remove all your character weaknesses.”

“As painful as it may be, you may have to admit, as we did, that recognizing and confessing your character weaknesses in steps 4 and 5 did not necessarily mean you were ready to give them up.”

(A Guide to Addiction Recovery and Healing, Step 6, p. 35)

Woman having her eyes examined.Step 6 can be scary, as you contemplate letting go of all of your character weaknesses. After all, they have been a part of your personality since you can remember, and they have helped you cope with the stresses of life. And besides, who would you be without them?

Let’s imagine that your vision seems to be getting worse and worse. You are having more difficulty seeing and focusing. It seems as if there is something blocking your sight. Maybe you have cataracts or macular degeneration. You debate what to do about it. You know you should probably go to the eye doctor, but what if she wants to do surgery on your eyes! The very thought makes your stomach churn. You finally get up the courage to go, fearing the worst.

The doctor examines your eyes and after she is finished she gives you the good news: there is nothing wrong with your eyes; you need to get your bangs cut!

Of course this is a silly metaphor. But really, how do you know that the character weaknesses you are stubbornly holding onto, afraid to turn over to the Lord, are not something that will be as easy to have removed as getting your bangs cut, once you become willing to ask Him to remove them?

  • What character weaknesses are you reluctant to let go of?
  • Write about the worst possible outcome of asking the Lord to remove them.
  • What can you do to become ready and willing to ask God to remove all your character weaknesses?


One thought on “Becoming Entirely Ready

  1. The first time I heard you share this metaphor I just had to laugh, but it is so true that so many times we have issues in our lives and we obsess about them and can’t see a solution when so many times the answer is right there. Fear is something that has stopped me from doing so many things. Doing something a different way for me is unnerving. Having confidence that it can end up good or that I might find a better way is something I have to turn to Heavenly Father to ask His help. I have found that He really can give me the courage to change. Weaknesses can stop us from moving forward. Thank you for the metaphor and for your help.

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