Relationships: Avoid the Gently Diverging Path

Image: Two diverging paths in a park. In the early days of our marriage, when my husband and I drove someplace together, we spent that time in conversation, or in silent companionship. We enjoyed being together, and without realizing it, we were strengthening our relationship simply by spending quality time together. We did not feel a need to keep the conversation going. It was perfectly comfortable for us simply to be together. We enjoyed that shared time, regardless of how we spent it.

Lately I have become aware that I often spend that time on my smartphone, checking email, Facebook, or playing games while my husband drives. It is not that we don’t have anything to talk about anymore. We do talk; about all kinds of things. Neither is it that I am bored. It is the “pull” of the technology. “I am here to entertain you,” it whispers. “You need to know what is going on!” it calls.

It is a distraction. It is vying for my attention and gently tempting me to go down a path that separates me from my husband. It isn’t that there is anything wrong with the things I do on my phone. It is just that I am missing an opportunity to strengthen my relationship with him.

Today I realized that I have allowed the same thing to happen in my relationship with the Lord. I have a good relationship with Him; a solid relationship. I think of Him often throughout my day. I turn to Him when I need help. I thank Him when I feel blessed. I trust Him to guide me. When I make time to write my prayer, study my scriptures, and work on my program everyday, I am focusing on my relationship with Him. When I let other things distract me, so that I don’t have time to spend specifically with Him, I slowly feel a distance growing between us, over time. It does not happen right away. Missing one day doesn’t create a gulf between us. It is just that my footsteps are ever so slightly further away from Him as we walk until one day I look up and realize that I am no longer walking right by His side. And then I have to figure out how to get back.

There is no higher priority for me than my relationships with the two most important people in my life: the Lord and my husband. So I am taking action today to let go of the distractions that have put me on the gently diverging path.

  • Is there something distracting you from the important relationships in your life?
  • What could you do differently to keep you focused better on those relationships?
  • What are you willing to do today to improve those relationships?

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3 thoughts on “Relationships: Avoid the Gently Diverging Path

  1. This really hits home to me. About a month ago while writing one of my prayers, the Lord suggested to me that I may want to take FB and games off of my phone and replace it with a good book (something strengthening). I haven’t done it yet. This was a wonderful reminder that I need to follow the prompting I received.

  2. A very much needed reminder that we all need to consistently and continuously check in with our relationship with The Lord, as well as loved ones. Thank you Mira!

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