Progress – Climbing through the clouds

Picture of a rough mountain path with a sheer drop off and dense fog.As we walk the mountain road of life (See Growth: Life is Like a Mountain Road), climbing towards the top, we sometimes encounter a cloud. When we are just starting our journey, still in the valley, the cloud is above us. During the last part of our climb, we break through the cloud and can see the summit clearly, and the surrounding scenery.  But while we are climbing through the cloud, we may feel cold, damp, and confused, surrounded by dense fog.

We need to remember that while the cloud is temporary, the mountain is not; neither is the road.  We can continue on the path, by putting one foot in front of the other and hugging the mountain so that we don’t accidentally fall off the edge. Another option is to stand still and wait for the cloud to lift. With the help of the Lord we can progress, even if we are scared. (See There is No Darkness in the Presence of the Lord.)

Remember: the cloud is temporary and the Lord is always by your side. (See Help: Encircled about in the Arms of His Love.)

  • What does the mountain represent to you?
  • Write about a time that you felt confused and in a fog.
  • How did you feel when the fog lifted?
  • If you are in the fog right now, what can you do to continue to make progress despite the fog?

2 thoughts on “Progress – Climbing through the clouds

  1. In my climbing up the mountain I have also discovered recently that I cross over areas that I have already been at before and see that I have learned quite a bit since I was there last. My testimony has grown and my trust in Heavenly Father and the Savior and their love for me. I have been learning about how they really do have all power and can do anything. I am learning courage to try new things and to believe that through them I can gain abilities that I haven’t had. I appreciate this metaphor and the growth that it testifies of, when we allow the atonement, our Savior, and Heavenly Father to help us.

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